Annual of İstanbul Studies No.3

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The urban transformation project remains on the agenda, creating new debates every day. İstanbul’s urban identity is at the center of these debates. As the clash between old and new takes on political significance, the fundamental problem finds expression in the cultural sphere. The crux of the matter is whether to keep intact İstanbul’s identity as a historical city or to transform it into a synthetic identity that some claim includes the old. The truth is, no matter how complex the problem, we lack the knowledge about İstanbul as a historical city. This lack in turn causes lack of awareness. And an awareness configured in this way chooses not construction but destruction, which is the easier route under all circumstances. Annual of İstanbul Studies issues its third volume for the world of science and culture. This volume includes research papers that present us a strong point of view focusing on İstanbul’s identity as a historical city. How will the İstanbul of the near future look? Have we developed the criteria for assessing and evaluating this urban landscape? These questions of vital importance will no doubt be addressed in our volumes to come. We would like to take this opportunity to emphasize that we will be happy to receive suggestions and contributions from scholars and intellectuals.

İstanbul Research Institute Publications 27
Periodical Publication 3
İstanbul, 2014

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