From Istanbul to Byzantium

Paths to Rediscovery, 1800-1955
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From Istanbul to Byzantium: Paths to Rediscovery, 1800-1955 explores the pivotal role of Istanbul in the emergence of a new and international and local awareness of the city’s Byzantine heritage. Beyond looking at various moments in the city’s life from 1800 to 1955, the exhibition also considers the dynamic of Istanbul as a center of gravity attracting the monetary and intellectual wealth of empires to further knowledge of Byzantium, ultimately resulting in the emergence of Byzantine studies as a discipline. The accompanying volume brings together thirteen scholarly papers by Beatrice Daskas, Ceren Abi, Firuzan Melike Sümertaş, Mertkan Karaca, Philipp Niewöhner, Edhem Eldem, Pınar Aykaç, Kerim Altuğ, Jean-Michel Spieser, Elena N. Boeck, Jonathan Bardill, Barbara Bessac and Rémi Labrusse, focusing on archaeology, history, art history, architectural history, urbanism, museology, cultural heritage, as well as an explanatory introduction by the exhibition curator Brigitte Pitarakis.

Publication Date: 2021
Number of Pages:650
ISBN: 978-605-4642-97-7

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