José Sancho

Erotic Nature
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Recognized as one of the leading sculptors of Costa Rica, José Sancho pursues a broad range of themes in his works, yet nature is always the most essential starting point. His unique conceptual style constitutes a fine example of a dialogue that can be established between what is local and global, particular and universal. José Sancho is inspired by artists such as Picasso and Brancusi as well as Hispanic and pre-Colombian art of the land into which he was born and presenting this influence with new readings, Sancho masterfully uses different media: Wood, granite, marble, bronze, iron plates, and found objects allow the artist to recreate animal forms and numerous representations of femininity. The catalogue accompanying the exhibition combines the fragments from the artist’s life in Costa Rica and his studio with his artworks. Texts by exhibition’s curator Mária Enriqueta Guardia-Yglesias and one of the former Cultural Ministers of Costa Rica Carlos Echeverria, shed light onto Sancho’s understanding of art.

Year of Publication: 2017
Number of Pages: 119
ISBN: 978-605-4642-69-4

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