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Exercises in Spaces and Texts

YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies 5 (2023)


On the Spot

Panoramic Gaze on Istanbul, a History

Souvenirs of the Future


Isabel Muñoz: A New Story

Photographs From and Around Göbeklitepe

YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies 4 (2022)


Paula Rego The Story of Stories

The Story of Stories

Istanbuls Today


The Art of Weights and Measures


Discovering Byzantium in Istanbul

Scholars, Institutions, and Challenges, 1800–1955

And Now the Good News

Works from the Nobel Collection

YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies 3 (2021)


“What Byzantinism Is This in Istanbul!”

Byzantium in Popular Culture

Notes for Tomorrow


From Istanbul to Byzantium

Paths to Rediscovery, 1800-1955

A Question of Taste


Crystal Clear


YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies 2 (2020)


Constructing a Dream

Socialist Realism in Albanian Art

YILLIK: Annual of Istanbul Studies 1 (2019)


A Road Story

180 Years of Photography

Out of Ink

Interpretations from Chinese Contemporary Art

The Time Needs Changing

Cao Fei, Nilbar Güreş, Raqs Media Collective

Annual of İstanbul Studies No.7


School Square Galatasaray


Shaken Image

Works from Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts

Singapore Unseen


Atatürk in Photographs


Imaginary World of a Paper Architect

Nazimî Yaver Yenal

José Sancho

Erotic Nature