The Art of Weights and Measures

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The Art of Weights and Measures catalog, featuring articles and a selection of objects from the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation’s Anatolian Weights and Measures Collection, explores, through the eyes of civilizations, gods, merchants, masters and apprentices, the economy, culture, intercultural system relationships and the dynamics of social trust shaped around the weights and measuring instruments used in Anatolia and neighboring regions from the 2nd millennium BCE to the present and the journey of standardization of units and offers a perspective of what has changed and what has remained. 

The catalog packed with the images of more than 500 works, includes the articles “An Overview on Scales and Scale Weights Throughout History” by Oğuz Tekin, “Astragalus-shaped Roman Weights” by Charles Doyen, “The Art of Weighing in Byzantium” and “The Scales of Justice on a 19th Century Icon” by Brigitte Pitarakis, and “Ottoman Surveying Technology and Havayi Terazi (16th-18th Centuries)” by Uğur Tanyeli.  

Date of Publication: 2022
Number of Pages: 183
ISBN-13: 978-605-71205-1-9